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Fatty tissue which is stored around the stomach and abdomen (sometimes called intra-abdominal, or visceral fat) carries a greater health risk than fat located in the lower body around the butt and thighs. Where we store fat (surplus calories) is largely a combination of gender, age and genetic inheritance. Men tend to store fat around their middle (apple shape), whereas women typically store fat around the pelvic region, hips, butt and thighs (pear shape). Besides the biological nature of men, modern lifestyle also has a huge impact on belly fat; as work, stress, entertaining clients and lack of exercise contribute to the accumulation of stomach fat.

Belly fat is usually a very stubborn type of fat, in that it requires a lot of work to reduce it. Extra fat carried around your abdomen can increase your risk of heart disease. Reducing belly fat isn’t just important for how you look, it’s also important for your health. People with more visceral fat (fat that surrounds the organs) have an increased risk for metabolic problems, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, so reducing it even a little can help your body stay healthy.

If you are prone to store fat around your middle, the healthiest solution is to maintain a normal weight. By matching your calorie intake to your calorie needs and prevent weight gain, you will prevent the development of any excess fat. With so many pills, potions and programs flooding the weight loss industry today, many people are left feeling just plain confused about how to effectively reduce belly fat. It is impossible to spot reduce on any part of your body, so if your stomach is a result of being overweight then you will need to reduce weight all over. To get started losing weight, an online diet plan will help you you reduce belly fat. Knowing how to lose belly fat is the first step in gaining that flat stomach that so many people aspire to.

How do you effectively reduce belly fat? Here is a safe, practical three pronged approach to get rid of belly fat.

1. Healthy Meals
2. Cardiovascular Exercise
3. Lift Weights

Learning how to effectively reduce belly fat isn’t a difficult task. The three principle keys to getting rid of your gut rely on diet, cardiovascular exercise and weight lifting on a regular basis. Weight loss is all about burning more calories than you eat, but what’s the best way to do that? Knowing the basics of how to lose weight, how to exercise for weight loss and how to motivate yourself are essential for creating a program that works for you.

We have broken the process of losing stomach fat down into four simple rules:

1. Throw Out The Junk Food

To lose stomach fat you have to throw out the junk food! Do not keep junk food like cookies, chips, sweets and other similar products in your house. If you do not have these bad foods lying around, you will not think about them and after sometime, you will break the bad eating habits. But, why is junk food so bad? Mostly it is due to the high sugar content of junk food. Most junk food consists of refined carbs and sugar, which when eaten quickly raise blood sugar levels, leading to reduction in fat burning and increase in appetite.

2. Carbohydrates and Losing Belly Fat

Consumption of carbs is essential, but there are good carbs and bad carbs. Refined flours and the foods that they create, such as white bread, pasta, donuts, cakes and biscuits should be avoided. They can cause bloating, poor digestion, and lead to accumulation of fat. “Good carbs”, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, should be eaten instead. Slow release carbs are also beneficial, such as oats, brown rice, some pulses and sweet potato. A diet that takes most of its carbs from fruits and vegetables, as opposed to refined flours, is healthier. Ideally granary or wholemeal bread should be eaten instead of white bread, and biscuits and cakes should be avoided. Consuming too much carbohydrate can bump up your insulin level, which can slow down your metabolism. Your body cannot metabolize too much carbohydrate at once because the body doesn’t need so much energy at once. The excess sugar from the carbohydrates will just turn into stomach fat.Avoiding carbs increases the fat burning metabolism (lipolysis), which helps to reduce stomach fat.

3. No More Late Night Snacks

Try not to have late night snacks. The main problem with late night snacking is that there is not much activity done afterwards. People go straight to bed right after the late night meal because they are tired. So, this will cause high sugar levels in the blood stream and no energy spent after that. The excess sugar will just turn into fat. Losing stomach fat requires a strict diet.

4. Boozing Leads to Fat

Decrease alcohol consumption. If you drink a lot, you will accumulate fat around your waist. Although most people know that alcohol can lead to weight gain, many do not know the degree of impact that alcohol can have. Excess alcohol consumption can really give you a belly. One gram of alcohol, which can be calculated as one ml of alcohol contains 7 calories. Alcohol does not contain any nutrients at all. So, the entire amount of calories consumed through alcohol will be stored as fat!

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